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Solid Shampoo, which one to choose?

13 Vegan and Handmade Shampoos from SHAUSHKA

Some of you have already discovered our 100% Vegan, handmade and zero waste Shampoos from Shaushka Cosmetics. We are delighted to see that you like them and that you come back for more, willing to discover new scents.  There are 13 types of Shaushka shampoos, all carefully wrapped in tissue paper, made of recycled cellulose paper, that is BPI COMPOSTABLE certified and SGS tested, and packed in wooden box that comes from sustainable plantations, has a PEFCTM CERTIFICATE. It is fully biodegradable and industrially compostable according to EN 14046. Shaushka Cosmetics is a Polish Company, owned by Joanna Chyl and Krzysztof Grzegorczyk. 

 The only person who can say the most about Shaushka Shampoos is.. their producer. These shampoos were something that Swiss market was missing, and it is one of the reason why EkoRevolte exists. I just had to share them with you! 

Joanna Chyl (Co-founder of Shaushka Cosmetics) has decided to share the story of her adventure with handmade solid shampoos.

When I first came across solid shampoos at the beginning of 2014, I didn't think they would become my whole life. It's been 6 years and I can't imagine going back to a traditional liquid shampoo anymore. My hair is soft, there are no tangles that are hard to comb, I forgot what it means to have split ends and no unnecessary packaging. Over the years, a lot of recipes have been created and life itself has verified which ones were worth keeping and reproducing further.

The first shampoo was RHASSOUL, a shampoo with white and Moroccan clay. It washes hair perfectly, the clays absorb all impurities, regulate the work of sebum which makes the hair not greasy and can be easily washed even once every 3-4 days. Close friends who used it for the first time were delighted to give feedback that they now wash their hair once a week. It is loved by both men and women, especially those who travel a lot. Lemongrass also helps to keep the hair fresh for a longer time. It is recommended for both blond and dark hair, provided it is not dyed. The oils contained in it lighten the colour. This won't be a problem with blonde highlights, some people might even be happy that they are more enhanced, while those who want to keep their dark colour should not reach for it. When applying henna, I haven't noticed this effect. Recommended for high and low porosity hair.

When I discovered the power of powdered SHIKAKAI beans, I decided to try them as an ingredient of my another shampoo. The effect on the hair was completely different from rhassoul, it seemed harder, 'strange' to touch. However, it was a temporary impression, felt on wet hair. After drying, the effect of hardness disappeared and I noticed that the hair looks interesting. The shampoo quickly got into the hands of friends who loved to test everything new and found that everyone had different perceptions. Some of them had dandruff disappeared after the first application and had been struggling with it for a long time, others noticed that their priorly tangled hair are easy to style, curly hair was more accentuated, the curl was more controlled and the smell of the shampoo made them feel really good. There were also those who didn't like the smell and didn't like patchouli oil so they remained loyal rhassoul fans. In short, it became a shampoo for women with curly hair and a favourite cosmetic for men. Some people also wash their beards with it, additionally rubbing cinnamon and patchouli oil into them to enhance the effect.

I used rhassoul and shikakai shampoos interchangeably according to my needs and preferences, in summer I preferred rhassoul because of its fresh scent of lemon grass and in autumn shikakai when it came to more spicy aromas.

As I mentioned, rhassoul can lighten coloured hair, so with shikakai it can be the other way round, Indian herbs tend to darken. Recommended for low and high porosity hair.

With time, we tried HARD NUT Shampoo. Hair darkening was my passion, and when my Grandma told me that cooked green walnut shells could darken my hair, I was still a teenager. "Legal" hair dyeing wasn't an option, so I did the best I could. It was mostly dyeing my hands black, but the effect on my hair wasn't that strong and it took a lot of self-denial to collect the shells under the tree and cook them. When years later, a darkening shampoo was created, I noticed that in addition to the expected effect, it had a moisturizing, smoothing effect, making the hair soft and loose. Some said it improved the condition of their damaged hair, it stopped falling out, the scalp didn't itch and was moisturized. The spicy-cedaric scent attracted both men and women. It is not recommended to people with oily hair. The mixture of Ayurvedic herbs, which was supposed to darken and strengthen hair, met my expectations, but it was not the end of creating new recipes. Recommended for highly porous hair.

The greatest discovery was TULSI . This unique shampoo is still my favourite, and its subtle fragrance has a calming effect on me. Those who decided to try Tulsi have already remained faithful to it. Do you sometimes ask what to choose for psoriasis? This is the shampoo. Of course, it hasn't been lab tested for it on a large group of people, nor is it a cure, as I always say, but I know from our users' feedback that this shampoo has worked best for them. It is also a shampoo for people with emerging dandruff, weakened and dry hair, lacking natural glow. Not everyone shares my opinion that this is the best shampoo in the world! People with fatty hair may not be happy with it, but experience shows that if you don't try it, you won't know. After a few years of practice with shampoos, I know that there are so many different cases on the planet and it happens that Tulsi is used by people who have tried almost everything, and this one has become their favourite.  Recommended for high porosity hair.

Right after Tulsi, it was time for LAVENDEL 3in1 shampoo. I wanted to make another shampoo with clay and compare it with Rhassoul. The name was supposed to indicate that it was one product for washing hair, body and face, but as it turned out later, all shampoos could do this. Because my hair loved herbal moisturizing shampoos and rhassoul, 3in1 lavender wasn't good enough so I used it to wash my body. It didn't do well to my hair, it seemed drier. I decided not to produce any more of this shampoo, considering it a completely unsuccessful product. And then I heard an opinion of a well-known Polish blogger promoting an ecological lifestyle. She was so delighted with lavender that she announced to the whole world that this is the best shampoo. She saved the lavender that had already been written-off, and it became a favorite shampoo of people with greasy hair and currently the best selling product. It was difficult for me to judge a shampoo for a different type of hair than mine. This shampoo can be used by both blond and dark hair. You can take it on a journey when you want to reduce the amount of luggage, it's great for washing your whole body. It is not recommended to use it when your hair is dry and needs hydration. It is recommended for low porosity hair.

To make sure it wasn't boring, an idea for something Ayurvedic was born right after lavender, and so AMLA & REETHA was created. Shampoo made of Indian gooseberry and laundry nuts. Since the Amla oil is one of the most recommended specifications for weakened, falling out hair, that was also the purpose of this shampoo. Those who loved the shikakai, amla and reetha shampoo became an alternative. I was told stories about delighted hairdressers who couldn't see the change that this shampoo had made to the client's hair. Stories about picky family members who were not satisfied with anything until amla and reetha made them smile. And so the shampoo for greasy, falling out hair remained with us, and was successful. It is rather recommended for dark hair, Ayurvedic herbs can darken light hair, but oils like lemon can prevent this. Due to ingredients such as washing nuts, mint and lemon oil can also be used for oily hair, weakened hair with a tendency to fall out and normal hair. Recommended for high and low porosity hair.

Since not everyone is in love with Ayurveda and some prefer more indigenous and local herbs, a shampoo called NETTLE, HIBISCUS, ROSEMARY was created. For most of you, there's no need to talk about the extraordinary properties of nettle, which have prevailed in traditional hair shampoos for many years. It has always been considered to be an herb that strengthens the hair roots and hibiscus gives a shiny and healthy look due to the vitamin C it contains. Rosemary stimulates the scalp, making the hair grow faster, but also stronger and less likely to fall out. This combination of herbs gave us an ideal shampoo for everyday hair care, especially for hair that needs 'fixing'. It is a universal shampoo and everyone can try it. Of course, not everyone likes herbal fragrances, so it may be an element that prevents some people from buying it. Recommended for high and low porosity hair.

And for those who love beautiful, floral fragrances we recommend the shampoo ROSE. It is probably the most beautifully scented shampoo in our collection. We don't know much about the properties and influence of this shampoo on its users, because everyone answers 'it smells so beautiful!' which doesn't tell us much about the properties themselves. It is appreciated by blondes as well as people with dark hair. Interestingly, it also delights men, despite the fact that it's mainly a female scent. When left in the bathroom, it makes a pleasant, rosy scent in the air. As you can see,solid shampoos  can also act as air fresheners, which cannot be said of products closed in bottles. Rose has properties that regulate the secretion of sebum, so it is highly recommended for oily hair. In winter, with radiators on and electrifying hair, it may not work (that's my subjective opinion), but in summer it's very much recommended. There are also those who use it no matter what time of year, washing their whole body with it, giving themselves a relaxing bath. This shampoo is a perfect gift solution for a loved one, instead of flowers. I don't know anyone who wouldn't like this shampoo. It can be called an exclusive and universal shampoo for any hair type, but is most often recommended for low porosity hair.

Another Shampoo for Blonde hair was SWEET ORANGE. Actually, brunettes use it too, because it's a great shampoo for hair that needs smoothing. It foams very well giving a delicate and creamy texture in contact with water. When you wash your hair with it, no conditioner is needed. Hair is smooth, shiny, soft and delicate. It's easy to comb.  Blondes finally have a moisturising hair shampoo, and those who avoid the strong smell of oils can reach for it too. Recommended especially for high porosity hair.

A Camomile & Lemon is very similar to Sweet Orange shampoo. I regret that it does not smell stronger because this smell is wonderful. Camomile is one of the best known herbs found in hair shampoos. It is mainly known for its soothing and lightening properties. Lemon zest is a vitamin bomb for hair, and its brightening properties are also commonly used. It foams well, the hair is delicate and nice to touch, it does not get tangled up. Recommended mainly for light or dark hair, if you want to lighten it up slightly. You can reach for it especially if you have high porosity hair.

GREEN TEA AND CLAY is a shampoo that owes its washing properties to the clay it contains and the mild SCI. Very little foaming, created for people with very sensitive skin with a tendency to allergies and those who want to try something completely different, less foaming. Those who like big foam probably won't like it, but if you wet it well in your hands, you can get enough foaming. It's much harder than other shampoos, and because of the clay and green tea, it may seem rougher. You can find your own method of applying it to your hair. I like it very much and I like to reach for it, and I also notice that my hair falls out less in the autumn/winter season. Despite the lack of a large foam, it does have a great washing effect. People with very long and thick hair may find it difficult to use this shampoo, but over time you can get used to it. If you're used to traditional shampoos, you may feel that this product doesn't wash, but clay is a great ingredient that absorbs sebum and all kinds of dirt. Hair may not be as shiny and soft as when using other shampoos, but it goes very well with the Tiare flower hair conditioner, which makes it smooth and shiny. It has a specific coconut SCI fragrance, but tea and bergamot take the lead during washing. Opinions about this shampoo are different for a certain group of people, especially those who are very sensitive claim that they have finally found the product of their dreams and do not want another, the rest prefer traditional shampoos. The choice is yours. Recommended for low porosity hair.

SHEN is probably our crew's favorite shampoo. Its warm, spicy scent permeates through wooden boxes which makes it easy to find it on the shelf. Its main ingredient, jujuba date rich in saponins, cleanses hair and scalp perfectly. Recommended for hair dyed with henna, the colour does not fade, it is more enhanced and strengthened. Shen lifts the hair slightly at the roots, giving it more volume naturally. It copes with dandruff and itchy scalp. It strengthens weakened hair and prevents hair loss. It is recommended for hair with a tendency to get oily at the roots and dry out at the ends. Its astringent and refreshing properties regulate the sebum, hair is shinier, stronger, loose and easy to comb.

YOGA is a shampoo not only for asanas and meditation lovers. This unique shampoo with multani mitti clay has joined the group of shampoos for oily hair. Its delicate, citrus fragrance composition has a positive effect on our senses, soothing the scalp by regulating excessive sebum production. Recommended for both blonde and dark hair, provided they are not dyed. The oils contained in it lighten the colour. This won't be a big problem with blonde highlights, some people will even be happy with it, while those who want to keep their dark colour should not use it. In the case of henna, I have not observed this effect.


I know that despite the above description, choosing a shampoo will still not be easy. We have different skin and hair types, different colour and it takes a lot of time to choose the right care. For some of you this is a nightmare because everyone wants to look good and healthy and well-groomed hair is more important than makeup. But let's remember that hair cosmetics are not everything. As Chinese medicine says, beautiful hair is a sign of healthy kidneys, our treasure of power, which we received inherited. If we don't take care of our own health, proper diet, sleep, and sufficient hydration, even the best cosmetic will not work miracles. However, our genes and what we inherit from our parents is crucial in this case! That's why let's not break down if we don't manage to grow a long braid up to our knees or increase our hair volume three times or break the generational chain of male baldness.

Luckily, nature has given us a lot of blessings that are worth reaching for, strengthening and conditioning because who knows, faith and strong will can do wonders and I wish you all such wonderful experiences and herbal experiments .



Thank you Joanna for telling us more about each and every Shampoo, from this impressive line of 13 vegan solid Shampoos!

I hope Joanna's description will encourage you to find a perfect shampoo for your hair type and if you're not happy with your choice.. just use it as a body wash!

Why I love solid Shampoos? No plastic bottles and it's an ecological and economical solution! It's also a fantastic alternative to lighten my blond hair in a natural and healthy way. 

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