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Solid Shampoo, how to use it?

Once you've found a perfect Shampoo, now it's time to learn how to use it :)


What makes our Shaushka Shampoos special, is the string made of linen. It helps the shampoo to dry faster as it can be hanged in the shower after use. However, those of you who are not a fan of the string, can easily remove it. It is biodegradable, but we encourage you to reuse it. :)

Using the solid Shampoo is not as obvious as I initially thought.  Rubbing the shampoo bar directly onto your hair is not a gentle method and I wouldn't recommend it for long hair. How to wash your hair then?

A). Traditional Method

It won't be a surprise that most of  the solid shampoo users simply use it as they would use soap.  It is the fastest and convenient method.  Rub the shampoo bar in your palms and wash your hair with the created foam. Simple as that!

B). Jar Method

This is a very gentle method for every hair type. Also liquid shampoo lovers will like it. 

Prepare a clean jar with a lid. Fill it with water and put your shampoo bar in. Close the lid and shake quickly until foam is created. Take out the shampoo and make sure it dries between every use. Your shampoo is ready to be used! Just wash your scalp and hair with the generated foamy liquid. Rinse well after use.  

C) CWC Method

This method is especially recommended for dry and damaged hair, but also for curly hair. It can be used by everyone, though!

C- Conditioner  W- Wash  C-Conditioner

It is a hair washing method that protects hair as much as possible from the drying effect of cleaning ingredients in shampoos. The lather from the shampoo goes down the hair with the conditioner and gently cleanses the hair along its length.

Wet your hair and scalp to make it easier to distribute the products.
Apply a conditioner to your hair ( from the ear down). Do not rinse it off!
Wash the scalp and hair where there is no conditioner(using Traditional or Jar Method mentioned above). You can wash the scalp twice, if needed. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water.
Apply conditioner to the hair again(from ear to ear). You can treat it like a mask and keep it on your hair for longer, or you can rinse it off immediately.
Finally, always remember to protect the ends with oil/serum to compensate for mechanical damage.

 D) Conditioner

Our Shaushka Conditioner will make your hair softer and easier to brush. Keep it longer, for the best result! It's so gentle it can be used directly on the ends, + the traditional method.

 E) Vinegar rinse

It makes the hair smoother and shinier. It will also be easier to brush and will get some additional volume.

Do not use every time you wash your hair, it is best to use once in a while(once every 2-3 times you wash your hair)

Pour 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar (or apple vinegar) per liter of water, stir thoroughly and use for the last rinse after rinsing the conditioner. The unpleasant smell of vinegar should evaporate quickly during drying, but if it is still noticeable, the next time it is worthwhile to rinse your hair with cold water after a while.


TIP: Don't forget about gentle brushing with the right brush or comb. Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel, slowly and gently 'press the water out' of your hair with a soft towel. 


Which Method is your favourite? Please remember that we are all different, and what works for one person doesn't have to be as good for the other. There's no one perfect shampoo for everyone, and no one perfect method. Try new, experiment and choose the perfect hair care for yourself!

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