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Beauty Kubes- how to use them?

Plastic free, Vegan Shampoo & Body Wash!

If you avoid plastic you've probably tried the solid shampoo already. We have an amazing alternative for you! A little box of Vegan Beauty Kubes is all you will need for your new shower routine. 

Ok.. They look great, the idea seems to be cool, they also smell nice... but how to use it?!

It's simple!

1.Take one plastic free shampoo Kube into the shower (in the first picture there is shampoo+conditioner)

2. Crush one Kube into the palm of the hand

3. Add a couple of drops of water to create a paste

4. Massage the paste into wet hair to create a luxurious lather

5. The natural formula will leave your hair clean, super shiny and looking healthy!


Will you give them a chance? :)


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