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Croatian sun in your cosmetics

Vegan, Handmade, Less Waste

SAPUNOTEKA is a small, family owned Croatian company. The idea behind its creators is to produce natural, vegan cosmetics based on locally grown products. Most of the ingredients come from clean areas of Croatia, where the industry and pollution resulting from the existence of inhabitants is negligible. The company's philosophy is based on the use of the gifts of nature, which have been so generously donated to Croatia. Cosmetics are made by hand and packaging can be recycled.

The packaging used in our cosmetics is made of pure aluminium, which is insoluble in water and does not interact with other substances, including those with acidic pH. It is a stable form of aluminium. In addition, aluminium in our packaging produces a non-reactive protective layer that protects the light-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive bio-active ingredients in our cosmetics. What's more, the aluminium packaging we use is honoured by an institution which grants one of the most valuable certificates for eco-friendly cosmetics - Ekocert. So don't worry, Sapunoteka cosmetics are pure nature enclosed in safe packaging!

Advantages of aluminium packaging:

1. Lighter and safer for travelling

2. Great protection for the active ingredients

3. More comfortable to use, especially if you like your long nails :)

4. Recycling of aluminium requires less energy than recycling of glass, so it's more efficient


 In our shop's offer you will find products for different types of skin, also for the most problematic ones. 


Night Creams:



Hand Creams:

Lavender for dry skin

All skin types - Almond & Cocoa

Dry, damaged skin - Shea butter & Hemp

Body Lotions:

 Dry, irritated skin -Almond & Vanilla

All skin types - Apricot & Sesam

Dry and sensitive skin - Macadamia & Rosemary

Very dry skin, with visible symptoms of aging, skin with stretch marks. Pumpkin & Avocado

Face Creams:

Normal, sensitive, allergic skin. - Camomile & Black Cumin -

Dry, mature and allergy-prone skin. - Immortelle & Wild Rose -

Problematic, oily skin, acne. - Hazelnut & Bergamot

Normal, sensitive, dry skin. Vitamin cream


Salt Soaps:

Citronella & Eucalyptus

Lavender & Cinnamon


Orange & Mint



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